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We would like to assure the public that we are making great efforts to protect the health and safety of all the men and women who protect and serve the City of White Plains so that they can continue to provide our desired level of services to the community. Below are just some of the safety measures that the Department has put in place during this trying time that has affected us all.

  • Extra protective equipment has been made available to all personnel
  • Sanitizing products have been stocked and frequent cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment, vehicles and areas within the Public Safety Building and firehouses are being made.
  • Communications personnel are carefully screening callers to determine possible exposure risks to responding officers.
  • The Department has expanded our telephonic reporting capabilities to reduce interaction for routine non-emergency calls.
  • The Mobile Command Vehicle is prepped and operational if the dispatch center must be evacuated for cleaning & sanitizing.
  • A decon area has been established at the PSB for emergency decontamination of any exposed personnel.
  • Police roll calls are conducted outside of the building where there is enough space for officers to maintain a social distance.
  • Daily Command Staff meetings are conducted via teleconference.
  • Up to the minute information, directives, general orders, policy & procedure revisions are disseminated to personnel via mobile application.
  • The Department has temporarily waived all online fees for report requests. Any questions regarding police or fire records can be made to 422-6101. We will make every effort to help you obtain reports without having to leave your home.
  • Because of the closure of City Court we have established a “Virtual Courtroom” to conduct court arraignments via Skype. Social distancing is a critical part of combating the spread of this disease.

We hope that all of our residents and essential work force do their part as well. We will continue our efforts here so the services that we are proud to provide for this community remain at the high-level that you have become accustomed to.


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