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Commissioner David Chong and the White Plains Department of Public Safety thanks all of our friends and residents that have shown us such great support through these very tumultuous times. We cannot express how thankful we are for having such good neighbors, friends, and residents.

There are so many gestures of good will towards the men and women of our Fire, Police, and EMS personnel, that it just warms our hearts to know that so many of you care.

Thank You All!

A few examples are that a Mr. Richard Zhang, who donated us over 2,000 masks, and gloves, a wonderful woman, Ms. Ellen Trost, a White Plains Resident who spent her time and money sewing us over 2 dozen homemade masks with her own hands, the many restaurants that have brought and offered our members food, and water, the hotel chains like the Cambria Suites, the Marriott Residence Inn and the Crowne Plaza that have offered our first responders reduced rates who travel to work and are working long hours, and just the countless other people that just say “thank you” everytime they see a first responder.

Together as a community we will win this battle, and your kindness and prayers make a big difference and are truly appreciated by all of us at the Department of Public Safety

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