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The City of White Plains Red Light Safety Camera program will begin taking photos of red light runners at designated intersections beginning July 3rd.

Cameras will capture still images and video of red-light running violations. This is a public safety program, and the city’s goal is to deter red light runners and prevent collisions resulting from these violations. 


During the first 30 days of activation, warning notices will be issued to the vehicle’s registered owner. There will be no fine associated with this warning notice. At the completion of the warning period, Notices of Liability (“NOL”) will be issued to violators. The NOL carries a fine of $50.00 but does not result in any points being added to your license.

 The traffic safety cameras will monitor these intersections:

  • SB Mamaroneck Ave @ Bryant Ave
  • EB Main St @ Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
  • NB Bank St @ Hamilton Ave
  • WB Hamilton Ave @ Bank St
  • WB Westchester Ave @ South Kensico Ave
  • SB North Broadway @ Hamilton Ave

The warning period will give residents an opportunity to become familiar with the system, encourage people to slow down and come to a full stop on red.

Cameras will operate 24-hours/day and capture images of every vehicle running a red light at the designated intersections. Warning signs alerting drivers to the intersection safety cameras have been installed prior to the warning period.

This program is administered by American Traffic Solutions Inc. (ATS), with each violation reviewed and approved by the White Plains Department of Public Safety prior to being issued.

The city received state authorization to establish a red light camera program in August 2015. The authorization was for a modest program with cameras permitted at “up to 12 intersections” in the city. For comparison purposes, this amount of authorized intersections is on par with New Rochelle (authorized in 2014). The Cities of Mt. Vernon and Albany have state authorization for cameras at up to 20 intersections. Yonkers is authorized to place cameras at up to 25 locations. Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the City Rochester – at up to 50 locations, and New York City at 150 locations. Each of these red light camera programs is authorized for a 5 year period by the State Legislature, including the White Plains program, and must be renewed by the State Legislature.

The city will closely monitor program and accident data in order to determine whether to seek a renewal from the State Legislature in 2020. Intersection safety technology is just one tool in the city’s tool box to make local streets safer for everyone, including other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. White Plains Police will continue to maintain a strong patrol presence throughout the city.

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