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In the beginning of February, WPPD began its annual in service training. This year members of the department are being trained in ABLE.

ABLE stands for Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement and was created by Georgetown University Law Center.

In order to be accepted into this program the Department had to receive letters of support from community organizations and were supported by Calvary Baptist Church, The Loft, The Honorable Mayor Tom Roach, The Chief of Police Joseph Castelli and My Sisters Place.

Active bystandership is actively and effectively used in many professions where people’s wellbeing and safety are at risk. It requires comprehensive commitment within an organization as well as openness to listening to those who serve you.

The three main pillars of ABLE are to reduce mistakes, prevent misconduct and promote health and wellness. Able, at its core is a culture change. It’s about preventing harm to our officers, to individuals and the community.

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