The purpose of the White Plains red-light safety camera program is to increase traffic safety in White Plains by reducing red-light running violations, collisions, and injuries.

A red-light running violation occurs when a motorist enters an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. A red-light running violation also occurs when a vehicle does not come to a full and complete stop for a turn-on-red. This violation, in both situations, is a non-moving infraction and does not result in the assessment of points against the driver.

Red Light Camera Safety Program

 How does the red light camera work?

  • The system activates when motion is detected just prior to the stop bar AFTER the traffic signal has turned red. The cameras capture two images of an alleged violation, taken from the rear of the vehicle.
  • The first image shows the vehicle at the white stop bar and the illuminated red light.
  • The second image shows the violator in the middle of the intersection with the red light illuminated.
  • The license plate image is a close-up from one of the images captured.
  • Data, including the time, date, and duration of the yellow and red lights, also is recorded.
  • Cameras also record a 12-second digital video of the violation, including six seconds prior to and six seconds after running the red light.

Active Red Light Camera Locations

The intersection(s) with camera(s) are listed below. Each intersection is marked clearly with signs to alert drivers that cameras are in use ahead.

  • SB Mamaroneck Ave @ Bryant Ave
  • NB Mamaroneck Ave @ Bryant Ave
  • EB Main St @ Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
  • EB Main St @ Bank St
  • WB Martine Ave @ Mamaroneck Ave
  • NB Bank St @ Hamilton Ave
  • WB Hamilton Ave @ Bank St.
  • WB Hamilton Ave @ Cottage Pl
  • EB Westchester Ave @ South Kensico Ave
  • WB Westchester Ave @ South Kensico Ave
  • SB North Broadway @ Hamilton Ave
  • NB Mamaroneck Ave @ Ridgeway 
  • SB South Lexington @ Maple Ave
  • NB North St @ Bryant Ave
  • SB Tarrytown Rd @ Central Ave

Paying the violation:

The fine is $50.00 for each offense. There are multiple ways to pay your fine:

Pay Online: The fastest and easiest way to pay your Notice is to pay online. Go to and log on with your Notice # and PIN shown in the red box on the front of this notice. There is a $5 convenience fee for online payment.

Payment by Mail: Mail your check or money order (payable to the City of White Plains) in the envelope enclosed with the notice. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Be sure to put the Notice # on the face of your payment. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 1-866-790-4111. Please mail your payment leaving 10 days in order to be received in a timely manner.

Payment by Phone: Call toll free 1-866-790-4111 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a $5 convenience fee for online payment.

All tickets have a date for payment. If your violation is not paid by the payment date, you will receive another violation in the mail. A late fee of $25 will be administered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What company provides the Red-light Safety Cameras in White Plains? 
The city has contracted with American Traffic Solutions Inc. (ATS) which provides more than 300 communities across North American with red-light and speed safety camera programs. More information about ATS is available at

How do I know that these violations are valid? 
Images of your vehicle were captured and recorded by a Red-light Safety Camera. You can review your images and video of the actual occurrence online at . The images and video were reviewed by several qualified technicians and finally by the City of White Plains Department of Public Safety before the alleged civil violation was affirmed and mailed to you as the registered owner.

Can I turn right on red at a red light camera intersection? 
New York law requires all vehicles to stop on a red light signal. Right turns on red are permitted unless otherwise posted. The camera will capture right turn violations on vehicles that proceed without first coming to a full stop.

Who receives the citation? 
Citations are mailed to the owner and/or registrant of the vehicle. The owner and/or registrant is legally liable to pay the fine.

What if I wasn’t the driver of the vehicle at the time of the violation? 
According to New York State law, the owner and / or registrant are legally responsible to pay the fine without regard to whether they were actually driving at the time of the infraction.

What if I don’t believe I ran a red light and want to discuss my case with someone? 
You may request an appearance before the White Plains City Court. Information on how to do that is included in the Notice of Liability.

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