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The City of White Plains Cabaret Ordinance governs the operation of cabarets in the City.

Cabarets are permitted only within the Central Business District of the City and in areas zoned as Light Industrial.

“Cabarets” is a Special Permit Use that requires approval by the White Plains Common Council.

Prior to the issuance of the Cabaret Special Permit, a Cabaret license must be issued to the applicant by the Department of Public Safety. Compliance with the requirements of the State Liquor Authority and other investigations as required by the Department of Public Safety must be satisfied. The applicant shall file for this license concurrent with making application for the Special Permit. Proof of this filing shall be submitted with the Special Permit application.

The Department of Public Safety has a licensing fee of $2,500 which is to be paid with the license application. Once the license is processed a copy shall be submitted to the Building Department and Corporation Counsel.

Questions or interpretations of applicable zoning requirements should be directed to the Department of Building. If the application is deemed to be complete, the Department of Building forwards the package and all copies to the Common Council, where it is formally received by that body, as approving agency.

A Cabaret License Application can be downloaded from the Department Forms section of this website.

If you would like to read the White Plains Cabaret Ordinance it its entirety follow the link below.

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