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The Fire Prevention Division strives to reduce the loss of life and property by fire through code enforcement, inspections and public education.

Daily inspections are conducted on multi-family residences, commercial and retail buildings with the purpose of providing a safer environment. 

Fire Prevention

Fire suppression companies inspect properties and re-inspection of properties are completed by Fire Prevention personnel in order to provide continuity in enforcement practices.

In most cases when safety violations are found they are corrected within a short time, for those who neglect or refuse to comply they are prosecuted in City Court. The Bureau’s inspection program requires that all occupancy owners annually test and inspect their fire detection and suppression systems as per NFPA standards. In addition, Fire Prevention does most of the final inspection of Detection and Suppression systems for new construction and renovations.

Education and certification for fire inspectors is extensive. Inspectors must successfully complete the New York State Basic Code Enforcement Training Series. The State requires Code Enforcement Officers to complete six Basic Training Courses: “Introduction to Code Enforcement Practices”, “Inspection Procedures for Existing Structures”, “General Construction Principles”, “Residential Code of New York State” and “Building Code of New York State”. A comprehensive competency examination is given at the end of each of these courses. Completion of all six courses qualifies an individual to do fire code and building construction inspections.

New York State Code Enforcement Officers are required to maintain their certification by attending 24 hours of training and education annually. These programs are sponsored by the New York State Building Officials Conference or New York State Fire Marshals and Inspectors associations.

The Fire Prevention Bureau provides a wealth of education about how to prevent fire and what to do in the event of a fire. The Bureau provides programs in schools, senior and civic associations, business groups and the news media to create public awareness of the hazards of fire.

The plan review lieutenant approves site sprinkler systems plans and detection and suppression system plans for code compliance with State and Local Fire and Building Codes. The plan review lieutenant also conducts on-site inspections and system testing of fire protection equipment. A close working relationship is maintained between the plan review lieutenant and Building Department personnel meeting regularly to review building plans for various fire safety systems. Upon request information is provided to architects and contractors concerning matters of code requirements and fire safety.

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