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The White Plains Police Department provides a Drug Disposal unit that allows the public to safely dispose of prescription and over the counter medications.

The Drug Disposal Unit is located on Lower Level 1 of the Public Safety Building at 77 So. Lexington Avenue. For access to this area please use the “Night Entrance” on South Lexington.

It is accessible 24-7 / 365 days a year. It is also free, safe and anonymous.

By participating in this program, residents will be making sure their unwanted pills and medication don’t end up in a landfill or water supply. They will also be removing medication that could be abused, like pain-killers, from their homes.

Accepted Items Include:
Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medication. Medication samples, Vitamins, Veterinary Medications, Narcotics and Liquid Medications.

Items NOT Accepted Include:
Syringes, Thermometers, IV bags, Bloody or Infectious Waste, Personal Care Products, Hydrogen Peroxide, Empty Containers and Inhalers.


For additional drug disposal locations within the City, click below.

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