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Captain Anthony Drago
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Within the White Plains Police Department, administration and support services play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement operations. These services encompass a wide spectrum of critical functions, including the management of department technology, compliance with discovery procedures, digital evidence oversight, budgeting, staffing, licensing, financial management, and grant administration. Efficient administration plays a fundamental role in resource allocation, guideline establishment, and proactive planning to address future challenges.

The synergy between administration, support services, and technology forms the backbone of effective law enforcement. Here are some responsibilities held by the Administration and Support Services Division members, along with the advantages derived from employing technology to fulfill these duties.

Department Technology: Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), enables seamless coordination between officers and the public. Records Management Systems (RMS) organize and store crucial data for investigations and legal purposes. Mobile computing enhances officers’ capabilities in the field, providing access to databases and enabling real-time information sharing.

Discovery Compliance & Digital Evidence Management: Handling digital evidence is crucial. Efficient systems for managing digital evidence and ensuring compliance are imperative for investigations and legal processes.

Report Request Fulfillment: Streamlining report requests through technology expedites the flow of information, aiding in timely case resolution and administrative processes.

Intranet and Web Site Administration: Managing internal networks and the department’s web presence is vital for communication, information dissemination, and public engagement.

Data Entry and Processing: Efficient handling of data through technological tools enables accurate record-keeping and aids in investigations and decision-making.

Financial Management & Grant Administration: Technology assists in managing budgets, grants, and financial resources efficiently, ensuring optimal allocation and compliance.

Staffing and Prisoner Processing: Utilizing technology for staffing management and prisoner processing streamlines administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations within the department.

Property and Evidence & Alarm Code Enforcement: Technology aids in managing property and evidence, court processes, and enforcing alarm codes, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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