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Administration & Support Services

The delivery of professional services is reliant upon the ability of an agency to effectively administer and manage resources.

Captain Anthony Drago
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Lt. Madelin Cano
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Sgt. Joseph Bisesto

Sgt. Joseph Bisesto

The Administration and Support Services Division provides a wide range of support and technical services to the Department in order to fulfill this need. The Department relies on the many tasks performed by its members.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Department Technology
  • Discovery Compliance & Digital Evidence Management
  • Mobile Computing
  • Report Request Fulfillment
  • Intranet Administration
  • Web Site Administration
  • Data Entry and Processing
  • Financial Management
  • Staffing
  • Prisoner Booking and Processing
  • Property and Evidence
  • City Court 
  • Alarm Code Enforcement
  • Licensing
  • Supply Requisition
  • Building Security
  • Grant Administration
  • Accreditation


White Plains is known for the quality and quantity of its training. The Department is committed to the most comprehensive police recruit training in the region and to an in-service training program that has been continuously produced for over 40 years.  

Training drives the Department’s ongoing efforts to provide efficient, cost effective services that are innovative and cutting edge. All training is grounded in the Department’s mission statement and it is this training that introduces and reinforces the core values that are at the foundation of the Department’s success. The effects of training are evident in the judicious and restrained way that the members of this Department respond to resistance, exercise their powers of arrest, write reports and investigate crime.

The Training Unit has been responsible for the development of numerous innovate programs, including programs in domestic violence, procedural justice, implicit bias, response to resistance, cultural diversity and response to active shooters. The training programs of the Department stress knowledge, skill and attitude. Our instructors are motivated by a desire to achieve the highest possible levels of officer preparedness and safety. 

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