Event Date:
Dec 11, 2021 at 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM

255 Main St.,
White Plains

The event is free to the entire community. Kids and families will be able to see and wave to Santa, from a safe distance, as he drives thru the neighborhoods of White Plains.

Route 1 : Soundview Ave/Highlands Neighborhood (11am – Noon)
Santa Stop, 12 pm at Highlands Middle School Parking Lot – Davis Ave.

Route 2 : Ferris Ave/North Broadway-Woodcrest Neighborhoods (11am – Noon)
Santa Stop, 12 pm at Delfino Park

Route 3 : Bank Street/Fisher Hill Neighborhood (12:10 – 12:45PM)
Santa Stop, 12:45 pm at Slater Center – Fisher Court side

Route 4: : Gedney Circle/Rosedale Neighborhood  (12:15 – 1:15PM)
Santa Stop, 1:15 pm at WPHS Student Parking Lot

Route 5: Battle Ave/Chatterton/Battle Hill Neighborhood (1:00 – 2:00PM)
Santa Stop, 1:30 pm at Battle of White Plains Park

Route 6: Ridgeway/North Street/ Gedney Neighborhood (1:45 – 2:30PM)
Santa Stop, 2:30 pm at 86 Dekalb Ave. Circle

*Please note that all times are approximate, For Santa’s Route, please check cityofwhiteplains.com.

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