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Our Department is investigating recent check fraud reports and would like to offer the following information to our residents:

Checks that are mailed out from various US Postal & personal mailboxes can be collected by thieves and altered.

  • Thieves steal mail from personal mailboxes
  • Thieves obtain US Postal Mailbox keys
  • Thieves place sticky substances inside US Postal mailbox slots and wait for individuals to place mail in the mailbox. After an individual places their mail in the mailbox, thieves then come collect the mail that is now attached to the sticky substance. Using chemicals, they wash away ink on check(s), alter the check amount and payee causing financial loss.
Ways to protect yourself from check fraud include:
  • Collecting your mail frequently. Try to avoid leaving mail in mailbox overnight
  • Examine US Mailboxes before placing mail into mailbox
  • If feasible, mail out mail from a post office or pay bills online
  • Install security cameras outside home

If you believe a mailbox has been tampered with or you have been a victim of check fraud, contact the City of White Plains Police Department.

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