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All of us in Public Safety believe strongly in public education for crime prevention and safety. Every citizen, resident, and visitor is capable of making a difference. We can all make a contribution ranging from the reporting of a crime in progress or suspicious activity to such basics as burglar-proofing one’s home, securing one’s automobile and teaching family members how to be safe, how to react, and the importance of just generally being aware of one’s surroundings.

The Department of Public Safety is committed to your protection and is always ready to respond when needed and necessary.  However, we often rely on information you are able to provide to us.  You are often our eyes and ears, our partners, in keeping White Plains a safe city to raise families, do business and enjoy a wonderful quality of life.

We rely on your support of our efforts to disseminate crime prevention information and safety education to the public.  To this end, we urge you to review the contents of this website and utilize it to improve the safety of your family, friends, neighbors, homes and businesses.  This site addresses a variety of current crime and safety issues and provides you with valuable information in areas such as senior safety, home security, auto security, identity theft, fire safety, and above all, personal safety.

I hope you, the citizens, residents, visitors, and friends of White Plains, find this material helpful.  The Department of Public Safety pledges, as always, to do our very best to serve and protect the community.  It has been proven that the more knowledge we have, the safer we will remain.  We look forward to your cooperation in this regard. Together, working as partners, we can prevent crime.

The police officers, fire fighters and civilian personnel of the Department of Public Safety continue to serve the City of White Plains with the highest level of professionalism, integrity and respect. Their dedication to service has and continues to make White Plains a safe vibrant community.

May I take this opportunity to thank the Mayor and members of the Common Council for their support as well as the City’s department heads and employees for their assistance throughout the year.

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