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Don’t invite a thief into your vehicle. Help us protect your vehicle and your belongings by following these easy steps!

  • Lock your vehicle and pocket the keys. Remember to lock the trunk, the hatchback or the tailgate, even in your own driveway.
  • Do not leave spare / valet keys inside the vehicle.
  • Never leave your car running unattended (not even for a minute).
  • If you have a GPS, remove it and the cradle from the window. Store it out of sight.
  • Don’t leave the vehicle registration, insurance policies or other important papers in a vehicle’s glove compartment.
  • If possible, avoid parking next to vans, pick ups and other large vehicles. These large vehicles can “hide” your vehicle and make it hard to observe.
  • Don’t invite a vehicle break-in by leaving packages or valuables (cellular phones, compact discs, iPods, wallets, laptops, sports equipment, etc.) in sight. Place items in the trunk if they must be left in the car.
  • Whenever possible, park in well lighted and busy areas.
  • Avoid transferring items to the trunk where it is parked. A thief may be watching.
  • If you have custom or expensive wheels, purchase and use a wheel lock.
  • Checkbooks, credit cards or other credentials, which a thief could misuse, should not be left in a motor vehicle.
  • Install an audible alarm. If your car is equipped with an alarm system, use it.


If you see something suspicious, call the police, do not hesitate.
Call 911 for emergencies or (914) 422-6111 for non-emergencies in White Plains.

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