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Sgt. Marco Garced

Traffic safety is the primary focus of the Traffic Division. In order to achieve traffic safety the division focuses on accident reduction.

This can be accomplished by enforcement of traffic laws, public education and awareness and a constant monitoring of situations and events that require police presence.

When combating accidents and accident related injuries there are several factors which have been identified as prime factors: speeding, driver inattention and safety/prevention. Because of these three factors officers pay strict attention to the areas of enforcement concerning speed, cell phone use and seat belt use. This selective enforcement involves strict enforcement of identified infractions in known and suspected locations within the city. These locations are determined by observations, surveys and civilian complaints.

To facilitate traffic safety the division incorporates the use of technical equipment as tools for roadway safety.These range from tint meters to radar units, alcohol screening kits to laser units and in car video cameras to automated license plates readers. Whatever tools are available the division will utilize them to provide a safe and secure route on the streets of White Plains.

A major function of the Traffic Division is coordination, planning and logistics of events within the city. These events range from the daily funeral escorts, to the closure of roadways due to parades, festivals, demonstrations, rallies or emergency events such as fires or electrical failures.

Construction within the city is a continual event. New building projects, maintenance and repair of old facilities and the general upkeep on the whole require planning and execution. The Traffic Division contributes input at logistical and pre-planning meetings and monitors roadway obstruction permits and street closures.

The Traffic Division is also responsible for the management of towing incidents involving vehicle accidents and impounds as well as the management of school crossings and those part time personnel employed to provide safe passage of students.


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