Department of Public Safety Building

Policies & Procedures

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A police department’s policies and procedures provide important guidance to its officers on every... Read More Policies & Procedures

Community Engagement

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Community engagement makes policing more understanding of and responsive to local communities through the... Read More Community Engagement

Qualifications, Recruitment & Retention

Police Reform|

Getting the right police officer with the right mindset is key to police reform. The goal of these... Read More Qualifications, Recruitment & Retention

Transparency & Accountability

Police Reform|

Public outrage over acquittals in cases of blatant police brutality is at the core of our pain. Holding... Read More Transparency & Accountability

Sgt. Calvano

Training & Equipment

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Training is, by far, one of the most important facets to policing. The lack of necessary training,... Read More Training & Equipment

Principals & Mission Statement

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The work of the White Plains Police Reform Committee has been informed by three overarching and intertwined... Read More Principals & Mission Statement

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